Halton Miniature Railway – Runcorn

Halton miniature railway is a lovely little narrow gauge railway that I visited on the 5th September 2021. We was blessed with a day of sunshine which always helps make things look nice but the railway itself is set in a spectacular park called Town Park (WA7 6PT) and the park itself has amazing facilities for children (including a couple of bits of park equipment shaped like a train).

The line itself takes around 10 minutes to do a full loop, this is undertaken on a number of different locomotives and when we was there they was running two trains at once to keep the waiting time down, a train was pulling out of the station every 5 minutes. The track follows the park paths for around half of the route, giving little ones a chance to wave at people walking around (everybody did wave back) and then the back end of the track cuts through fields and trees.

There are toilets on site and a ski centre that also sells ice cream and other bits and bobs, all reasonably priced. The train itself is entirely run on donations but as the park and the parking are both free you really don’t mind chucking some coins in for the effort the volunteers are putting in to keep the place running.

Overall this was a brilliant day out, myself and my daughter both really enjoyed riding the train a number of times and wouldn’t think twice about visiting again.

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